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Romanian artist born in 1988  whose passion for painting started at age 5.
"Being an artist gives me the possibility to transform this common world into a special one just by using a paint brush!
I mostly work in abstract figurative style.
My works are the result of my beliefs and I try to express feelings such as happiness, joy, sadness, fear, loneliness through my art. I believe we use language to explain and understand things, but we need art to show and share.Any type of art.
Most of my paintings embody the idea that there`s always something more to see in every thing existing, in things that we consider as certain, absolute."

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  • Art Gallery Autumn Salon IX, Gjilan, Republic of Kosovo
  • Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon Portugal (2017)
  •  Featured artist on northernlightsimpact.com
  • Wotisart September issue (WIA 18), 2018

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